Silicone Wire with Fiberglass Braid

Providing Excellent Performance in High Temperature Applications
Silicone wires with fiberglass braid are single conductor, high temperature wires. These electronic hook-up wires are designed to replace wires with plastic or rubber insulation in high temperature applications.
The term silicone refers to the insulation jacket provided in these wires. The fiberglass braid is the outer covering, which protects the wire strands and insulation from high application temperatures. The braid also helps in protecting the wires from abrasions.

Features and Specifications of Silicone Wire with Fiberglass Braid

This category consists of more than 20 different types of silicone wires. At Flex Wires, we provide a variety of hook-up and high temperature wires in various specifications.

  • Temperature Range: From 150 oC to 200 oC
  • Rated Voltage Range: From 300 V to 600 V
  • Spark Voltage: Between 3000 V and 6000 V
  • Flame Resistance Rating: FT2
  • Conductor Material: Bare, Nickel, Tinned, or Silvered Copper
  • Certifications: ASTM B3/33 and RoHS
  • Mechanical Properties: The glass braiding adds to the wire’s mechanical strength and flexibility. Silicone wires are designed to be flame retardant. A covering is provided to the fiberglass braid for further protection.
  • Electrical Properties: Silicone insulated wires provide high insulation resistance. They maintain their stability over a wide range of temperatures. They are also resistant to arcing at high voltages and corona discharges.

Industrial Applications of High Temperature Wires

Silicone insulated wires can be used in different applications in the following industries:

  • Foundries
  • Steel mills
  • Glass factories

Silicone wires with fiberglass braids provide inimitable performance in high temperature applications in different industrial sectors.

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