Automotive Wire

With over a decade of expertise in the wire and cable manufacturing business, Flex Wires is one of the leading automotive wire manufacturer in CA. We manufacture wires that meet critical demands of the automotive industry. Our wire is used in several high and low voltage electrical circuits. These wires can be used for general as well as specialized purposes. The copper strands used in our wire is of superior quality, which enables faster and more secure connections. We provide a variety of insulation material options that increase the flexibility and durability of the wire.

Features of Automotive Wire

The insulation of the wire makes them long-lasting, electrically stable, resistant to abrasion, grease, moisture, and dirt.
The wire functions across temperatures of -10º C to 80º C.
The wire can be used to wire electrical systems with a voltage range of 12 V to 24 V.
A variety of color and striping options are available.
The wire performs exceptionally well even in high vibration applications.

SAE America Standard Automotive Wire
ISO German Standard Automotive Wire
JASO Japan Standard Automotive Wire

Application Examples of Automotive Wires
As a Los Angeles automotive wire manufacturer catering to companies across the country, our automotive wire is used in high and low voltage automotive applications such as:

  • Battery Cables
  • Car Speakers
  • Brakes
  • Relays
  • Fuse Blocks

Our wire is used for the wiring of automobiles, boats, Recreational Vehicles (RVs), off-road vehicles, solar applications, and more. With safety and quality adherence as foremost parameters in our manufacturing units, we deliver intelligently designed products. As an eminent California automotive wire manufacturer, these parameters have helped earn the trust of our customers. If you are unsure about the voltage and amperage compatibility of products, please feel free to contact us.

Our expansive product range consists of the following Automotive Wires. If you can’t find the product to match your specifications, please contact us to build a custom order.

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