Wire Harness and Assemblies

Custom Wire Harnesses and Assemblies at Flex Wires Inc.

Wire harnesses and cable assemblies finds their use in a wide range of industries. Flex Wires Inc. has been building cable and harness assemblies for several years. No matter the level of complexity your project, we have the knowledge and expertise required to support your wire harness and assembly needs. We have advanced tools and machines, which allow us to precisely design and build custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies. We offer complete solutions to our customers, including concept and design, prototyping, small or large scale production and functional/quality testing. In fact, Flex Wires is known for its fastest prototyping and production turnaround time.

Our Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Manufacturing Capabilities

Our wire harness manufacturing capabilities range from small, yet complex and flexible medical equipment to electronic equipment and appliances. We also provide harnesses for robotics, telecommunication, machine builders, military and aerospace applications, various transportation equipment, and more.
Our cable assembly manufacturing capabilities range from simple jumper wires with crimped or ring terminals, to complex multi-wire assemblies with numerous contacts. We house a wide selection of cables, terminals and connectors, interconnect tools, testing equipment and adapters to meet ever increasing demands of the customer.

Advantages of Custom Wire Harness and Assemblies
Here are the major advantages of custom wire harness and assemblies manufactured and supplied by Flex Wires for global clients:

  • Time Efficient: Customized wire harnesses and assemblies can save precious production time. They are easy to install and manage, as your technicians wouldn’t struggle with a number of different wires and cables. This also helps in avoiding connection errors.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: Getting the wire harness customized according to your product needs, will enhance you products overall quality. We can help you in achieving this by offering wire harness and assemblies with customized bundling, labeling, and easy-to-install terminals.
  • High-grade Materials: Flex Wires ensures that only high grade materials are used to manufacture your wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Hence, your wiring will provide the highest caliber of signal and power transmission.
  • Custom Specifications: We can customize the wire harness and cables to serve your specific application needs such as space limitations, environmental conditions, output requirements and more.
  • Added Benefits: Flex Wires is a cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer that strives to offer added benefits to its customers. We can offer you additional services such as laser marking for identification, custom insulation, and jacketing, etc.

Flex Wires is the experienced and professional wire harness assembly manufacturer that you have been looking for. We can take care of every problem related to wire harness and assemblies. Call us on 909-629-8618, or email your specifications at sales@flexwires.com.

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