About Us

At Flexwires, our mission is to transforming the business and connecting the future by providing innovation reliability that meet design flexibility for the most challenging requirement.

We take Pride in Providing Quality. Experience it yourself!

Our products lines include a long list of PVC, Irradiated PVC, Cross-linked Polyethylene, Polyethylene, Silicone, PFA, FEP, PTFE, and PVDF hook up wire, heat-shrink tubing, and USA wire harness & assemblies with a wide selection of sizes and insulating materials used in all commercial and military applications.

If your part is not in stock, as an eminent wire suppliers in California, we’ll find it for you. We add value to your manufacturing through our cutting, striping, dying, re-spooling, and wire assembly capabilities.

Flex Wires’ LA wire products are UL, CSA, and VED Certification certified, SGS tested, RoHS compliant and also meet military requirements. Our manufacturer is ISO-9001 Certification quality assurance guaranteed.

Our management and sales team will answer your questions, bring up inventory immediately, qu ote prices, enter your order and schedule it for the same day shipment.

As a California wire manufacturer, Flex Wires’ goal is to satisfy customer requirements through continuous improvement, communication and innovative ideas.

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