Mil-Spec Wire

At Flex Wires, we manufacture wire that meets military specifications (MIL-SPEC). These specifications have been laid down by the U.S. Department of Defense to manufacture standardized high grade products. Our MIL-SPEC wires are specially designed to support vital components in advanced military and aerospace systems.
Our MIL-SPEC wire is manufactured to counter extreme physical and environmental conditions.

MIL spec wire (military specification wire) is used extensively in critical Military, Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, and heavy Industrial applications. It is for high frequency electronic applications where high temperatures will be encountered, MIL-Spec wiring coated with PTFE has excellent, stable electrical characteristics with low power loss.

Our product range spans from tough wire used in rugged conditions to miniature wire used in complex applications.

Features of MIL-SPEC Wire
Flex Wires is the leading manufacturer of MIL-SPEC wire used in demanding applications:

  • Our range of MIL-SPEC wires can withstand extreme temperatures and rugged applications.
  • Designed to perform seamlessly in high frequency electronic applications.
  • Various insulation’s are available that keep power loss at a minimum, and also help the wire remain electrically stable in adverse situations.
  • As a California mil-spec wire manufacturer, our products are Customizable to fit low-noise, lightweight, highly flexible, and several other unique requirements.
  • A variety of color and striping options are available.

Application Examples of MIL-SPEC Wire
Our MIL-SPEC wire is used for the following purposes:

  • Point-to-point wiring
  • Wiring the airframe of aircrafts
  • Bonding moving parts in vehicles
  • Can also be used for protecting and shielding purposes as well

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