High Temperature Wire

Flex Wires is the leading manufacturer of high temperature wire in California, providing wires for power distribution in high temperature operations. High temperature wire is used in internal and external wiring of applications where the temperature exceeds 150º C and goes up to 250º C. In keeping with the current needs of the various industries we serve, we constantly re-define our design and manufacturing processes to accommodate newly developed products.

Silicone Insulated Wire

Features of High Temperature Wire
The quality standards maintained at Flex Wires ensures that our products are reliable and provide a safe working environment:

  • A variety of materials and insulation are used to produce wire that is suitable for various mechanical, electrical, and environmental requirements.
  • A variety of colors and striping options are available.
    Extremely flexible and durable, our high temp wire supports various industrial and commercial applications.
  • Resistant to abrasion, moisture, and dirt.
    Depending on the material used, some insulation materials are flame retardant and self-extinguishing.
  • They exhibit dielectric properties that enable them to work seamlessly up to 250º C.
  • The wires can be made available in single as well as double conductor configurations.
  • Our high temperature wire can withstand high levels of duress and prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Even under such conditions, our high temp wire exhibits superior electrical properties with long service life.

Application Examples of High Temperature Wires
As a California high temperature wire manufacturer, our products are designed to withstand continuous high temperatures as well as short exposure to extreme temperatures:

  • The applications of high temp wire are plentiful. Applications vary from commercial, household, and industrial wiring, to wiring of aircraft and petroleum applications.
  • High temp wire is used in Military applications.
  • High temp wire is also used in cooking and drying equipment.

Being the leader in high temp wire manufacturing in Los Angeles, our expansive product range consists of the following High Temperature Wires. If you can’t find the product to match your specifications, please contact us to build a custom order.

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