Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Flex Wires prides itself on being one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of custom industrial wire. We strive to ensure that our services are able to provide high value to the quality of the product. We endeavor that every client who comes to us will have a convenient and profitable experience.

Our Specialized Services
We offer the following services to maintain a high standard of excellence in terms of product quality:

Cutting & Stripping: Our cutting and stripping services ensure that our clients save both time and money. We utilize specialized cut and strip machines to perform this process. We simply enter the overall length and the measurement for cutting and stripping into the machine. The wire is then fed into the machine, which quickly and efficiently performs the stripping and cutting processes. Our machines also ensure that a small piece of the insulation is left on the edges of the wires. This is done to prevent the wire ends from fraying. This method is faster method than manual cutting and stripping, and it also prevents material wastage.

Dyeing: We, at Flex Wires, offer dyeing as one of our value added services, as it provides our customers numerous benefits. Dyeing a wire with a particular color enhances the product’s overall value. Color can be used to differentiate various wire types, and it can also help customers create an organized inventory of different wire and cable products.
We use a specially designed machine to perform the dyeing process. The machine applies a circle of foam around the cable. This allows the cable to absorb the dye when it is applied. Once the dye has been absorbed, the cable goes through curing and drying processes.

Striping: For creating stripes on wire jackets, we utilize the same machine used for dyeing. The wires are passed through a head, which paints stripes onto the insulation. Once this has been completed, the wire is fed into a tower for drying. Depending on the client’s requirement, we can produce spiral or longitudinal stripes. If a client’s requirement consists of multiple circuits, then we produce contrasting stripes for identification. At Flex Wires, we have the capabilities to stripe insulations constructed from PVC, PTFE, rubber, and silicone.

Twisting: Many of our customers require wires to be paired together for their manufacturing process. We perform wire twisting processes to accomplish this requirement. Our facility consists of a wire twisting machine that is used for this purpose. By using this machine, we have the capability to entwine a variety of single and multiconductor wires together. Our twisting machine allows us to entwine eight different types of wires together.

Respooling: When it comes to respooling, Flex Wires’ services are second to none. We can provide industrial wires and cables with spools of different shapes and sizes. We have the capabilities to accommodate any requirement, from wire lengths and to exposed ends. The respooling equipment we use allows us to prevent excess wastage, while saving on time and expenses. Our packaging team also ensures that the spool is delivered to you intact and undamaged.

Wire Assembly: At Flex Wires, we have the capabilities to take on large custom assemblies orders from onshore and offshore clients. We can create assemblies in a variety of wire types, including optical, flat ribbon, radio frequency, and multi-conductor cables. We can accomplish this due to our wide inventory of tooling equipment. The inventory includes:

* Soldering
* Ultrasonic Welding
* Automated Crimping
* Automated Wire Cutting
* Low-pressure Injection Molding

Flex Wires provides an array of value adding services to meet the intrinsic needs of our customers. Our products are offered with a variety of solution driven features, and can be manufactured in different types for assorted applications. When you work with Flex Wires, you can be assured of inimitable quality from our products and services.

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