Heat Shrink Tubing , 2:1 Irradiated Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing FT2A–2:1 Dual Wall Adhesive Lined Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing (SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/4)

Flame Retardant, Dual Wall Adhesive-Lined, Multi-Purpose Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Our FT2A is made of flame retardant, cross-linked polyolefin with an inner coating of hot-melt adhesive. Adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing with environmental sealing capability is used for a wide variety of electrical applications including, automotive and marine wire harness, wire splices, breakouts, and connector-to-cable transitions.

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  • Shrink Ratio: 2:1
  • Operating Temperature: -45°C to +125° C
  • Shrink temperature: 120℃.
  • Voltage Rating: 600V
  • Flame retardant
  • Meets: Mil-DTL-23053/4,
  • UL & CSA Certified
  • RoHS Compliant

Standard Colors & Ordering Information
Reference color is Black.
Delivery: All Stocked Items Available for Immediate Shipment, 6-8 Week Lead Time for Non-stocked Items

PropertiesItemsSpecification Requirement
Shrink Temperature120℃
Continuous operating Temperature-45℃ to 125℃
Tensile strength≧10.4 Mpa
Ultimate Elongation%≧200%
Radial Shrinking Ratio2:1
Longitudinal Shrinking Ratio≦ 8%
Dielectric Strength≧15 kv/mm
Volume Receptivity1014 Ω.cm
Water Absorption<0.2%
Fluid ResistanceGood to Excellent
FlammabilityMeet UL 224
Copper CorrosionNo Corrosion

SizeAs SuppliedAfter RecoverStandard
Part NoInternal DiameterInternal DiameterTotal Wall ThicknessAdhesive ThicknessPackaging
W/ SizeMMInchMMInchMMInchMMInchFT
FT2A-1/161.60.06300.80.03150.60±0.150.024±0.0060.30±0.10.0118±0.004500 or 4’ length
FT2A-3/322.40.09451.20.04730.70±0.150.028±0.0060.35±0.10.0138±0.004500 or 4’ length
FT2A-1/83.20.12501.60.06250.70±0.150.028±0.0060.35±0.10.0138±0.004500 or 4’ length
FT2A-3/164.80.18752.40.09380.80±0.150.031±0.0060.40±0.10.0157±0.004200 or 4’ length
FT2A-1/46.40.25003.20.1250.80±0.150.031±0.0060.40±0.10.0157±0.004200 or 4’ length
FT2A-3/89.50.37504.80.1880.90±0.150.035±0.0060.45±0.10.0177±0.004100 or 4′ length
FT2A-1/212.70.50006.40.2500.95±0.200.037±0.0080.45±0.10.0177±0.004100 or 4′ length
FT2A-5/815.90.6257.90.3130.95±0.200.037±0.0080.45±0.10.0177±0.0044’ length
FT2A-3/419.10.75009.50.3751.0±0.200.039±0.0080.45±0.10.0177±0.0044’ length
FT2A-125.41.000012.70.5001.1±0.200.043±0.0080.50±0.10.0197±0.0044’ length
FT2A-1+1/431.81.25015.90.6251.15±0.200.045±0.0080.50±0.10.0197±0.0044’ length
FT2A-1+1/238.11.50019.00.7501.25±0.200.049±0.0080.50±0.10.0197±0.0044’ length
FT2A-250.82.0025.41.001.5±0.250.059±0.010.60±0.10.0236±0.0044’ length

Hot Melt Adhesive Properties

Test Method
Water AbsorptionASTM D570≦0.2 %
Softening PointASTM E895℃
Strength Of Pairing (PE)ASTM D 1000120N/25mm
Strength of Pairing (AL)ASTM D 100080N/25mm

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