Heat Shrink Molded Product and Sleeves FT-SSWS Solder sleeve wire splices

It is the easiest way to get one step soldered, sealed and insulated butt connection. The special colored hot-melt glue on both ends of heat shrinkable tube, it is very convenience to identify and use the exact wire dimensions.

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  • Shrink ratio: 2:1
  • Working temperature: -55℃~+125℃
  • Min. shrink temperature: 60℃
  • Solder min. fully melt : 138℃
  • Meet RoHS
  • Excellent waterproof and conductivity property
  • Easy control soldering process
  • Transparent sleeve provides precise inspection
Technical Data

PropertyTest MethodStantard
Dielectric voltage withstandRT-1 4042.0 kV
Voltage ratingRT-1404600 V
Voltage dropRT-1404≤2.0 mV
Copper corrosionASTM D 2671Non-corrosive
Product Dimensions(mm)Wire Dimensions(mm)Cable SizeStandard color
A(min.)L(max.)B(min.)B and C(max.)C(m in.)A.W.G.(mm2)

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