Heat Shrink Molded Product and Sleeves FT-HSMT Heat shrink printable continuous marker tube

This tubing can be custom printed with words and symbols on both sides by thermal transfer equipment and all markings are permanent after printing. It is used to identify and mark wire, cable, tools, hoses and equipment in subway, public transportation, aerospace and shipbuilding industries.

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  • Shrink ratio : 2:1 or 3:1
  • Working temperature : -55℃~+125℃
  • Flame retardant, halogen free, low smoke emission
  • Computer printable, permanent identification
  • Meets UL224 125℃ 600V
Technical Data

PropertyTest MethodTypical Performance
Tensile strength (MPa)ASTM D2671≥10.4 MPa
Ultimate elongation (%)ASTM D2671≥400%
Longitudinal changeUL 224≤5%
EccentricityASTM D 2671≤30%
Heat aging tensile strengthUL 224 158 ℃ X168 hrs>7.3 MPa
Ultimate elongationUL 224 158 ℃ X168 hrs>200%
FlammabilityASTM D 2671 38.2 Procedure BSelf extinguish in 60 sec.
Voltage withstandUL224 / AC 2500V, 1min.No breakdown
Volume resistivityASTM D 2671≥1×1014Ω.cm
Corrosion stabilityUL 224Pass
Copper corrosionUL 224No corrosion
As Supplied (Min.)After RecoveryFlat WidthDouble W.T. before recoveryApplicationPacking
InchmmI.D. Max.(mm)(mm)(mm)Scope (mm)(m/reel)
1 1/±0.50.4±0.0621.00~35.050

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