Heat Shrink Tubing for Automotive FT-BPT Brake/Fuel line protection tubing

It is ideal solution for the strain relief and mechanical protection of the brake/fuel line, hydraulic line which is subject to bending or clamping operations during manufacturing, installation or operation.

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  • Shrink Ratio: 1.5:1
  • Working temperature: -45℃~+105℃
  • Shrink temperature: Start at 70℃, complete shrink at 110℃
  • Longitudinal shrinkage: ≤8%
  • Excellent oil and corrosion resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Very flexible, low shrinkage temperature
Technical Data

PropertyTest MethodValues
Tensile strengthASTM D2671≥12 MPa
Breakdown elongationASTM D2671≥350%
Tensile strengthASTM D2671≥12 MPa
Breakdown elongationASTM D2671≥300%
Outer layer densityASTM D7921.0
Water absorptionASTM D570≤0.4%
Heat shock (200℃/4hrs)ASTM D2671No dripping
No cracking
Low temperature flexibilityASTM D2671-40℃/4hrs ,no cracking
Horizontal impact resistance(-35℃)ASTM D746No damage
Drop impact resistance(-35℃)ASTM D746No damage
Stress cracking resistanceASTM D1693 part 5.3.6No damage
Volume resistivityASTM D2671≥1014Ω·cm
Dielectric strengthASTM D2671≥15kV/mm
Part No.As Supplied(mm)After Recovered (mm)Standard Packing
I.D.I.D. max.W.T.Adhesive W.T.m/spool

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