Wire Harness and Assemblies Wire Harness for Medical Industry

Solution Driven Wire Assemblies for Medical Equipment

The continual growth of the medical industry is mainly due to the use of different electronic devices. Equipment such as MRI machines, x-rays, and electronic beds all require wire harnesses for performance and ease of use. Flexwires designs and manufactures harnesses that support the performance of medical electronic devices.

medical Equipment Harness
Medical harness Equipment

Wire Harness Services for Medical Industry

We provide complete wire assembly services from design to delivery. Our service offerings include:

  • Prototyping
  • Material sampling
  • Design and engineering
  • Supply Chain Management

For the first time customers, we are full prepared to support them by providing complete program management services.

Wire Assembly for Medical Equipment

Flexwires has the capability to meet the wire harnessing needs for a variety of applications, including:

medical Equipment Harness
Medical harness Equipment
  • Medical sensors
  • Imaging system
  • Dental equipment
  • Medical laboratory
  • Testing and diagnostic equipment

Flexwires’ design, manufacturing, and testing processes all adhere to ISO 9001:2008. Our products are built in accordance to RoHS.

Flexwires supports the medical industry by providing a range of services that meets the needs of medical application equipment. We can also provide custom products to meet your needs. Contact us to know more about our medical wire harnesses.

Flex Wires can take care of every requirement related to wire harness and cable assemblies. To get more information or a quote on wire assembly for medical industry call us on 909-629-8618. You can also email your requirements to sales@flexwires.com.

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