Wire Harness and Assemblies Wire Harness for Home Appliances

Cable Harness and Wire Assembly for Consumer Electronic Products

Consumer electronic products that we use for domestic purpose are fitted with cable harnesses or wire assemblies. The wire harnesses are used to transmit signals and electrical power to different components and modules within the system.

Cable Harness Assembly Service by Flex Wires, Inc.

Large Coffee Machine Harness
Large Coffee Machine Harness

Flex Wires, Inc. was established to manufacture wiring harnesses and cable assemblies for a wide variety of markets. Since our inception, we have served numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the field of consumer electronics. We offer an extensive range of premium wiring harnesses and cable assemblies that are manufactured from high quality raw materials. The harnesses are assembled using PVC insulated wires of different configurations. They are available in various sizes, dimensions and colors to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. The cables or wires are tied together with the help of straps, cable ties, electrical tape, sleeves, a weave of extruded string, conduit, or a combination of these products.

Tested, Trusted, Certified, and Compliant Wire Harnesses for Home Appliances

Our wiring harnesses for consumer electronic products are highly durable and can endure wear and tear. The parts and connectors such as housings, terminals, retainers, sleeves, and jacketing used in wiring harnesses are sourced from trusted suppliers.

Oven Harness
Oven Harness

Moreover, all wiring harnesses are electrically tested to ensure correct and error-free working as per the requirement.
Through several years of exceptional service, we have carved a niche as an eminent wiring harness manufacturer and supplier. Our products, processes, and services are certified by major governing authorities, including UL, CSA, and VED. Also, our products are SGS tested and RoHS compliant as well as ISO-9001 certified. Besides, our products can meet military requirements if desired by the client.

Flex Wires can take care of every requirement related to wire harness and cable assemblies. To get more information or a quote on wire assembly for home appliances call us on 909-629-8618. You can also email your requirements to sales@flexwires.com.

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