Custom Wire Harness Manufacturing

Choose Custom Wire Harnesses to Meet Unique Application Requirements

At Flexwires, we work with many customers who have problems related to wire shortage, or difficult applications where stock wire will be unsuitable. Our custom wire harness solutions help in such situations.

Why Choose Flexwires for Custom Wire Harnesses

We have the capability to either design and manufacture a wire from scratch, or we can take an existing design and alter it to suit the application needs. There are a number of reasons why custom wire harnesses are at times better than their standard counterparts.

  • Enhanced Application Performance:With custom cables, you have the freedom to create designs with materials and specifications of your requirement. Thus, the use of the specialized cable harness will lead to enhanced application performance.
  • Cost Savings:Custom cables will result in less system failures. Thus, the amount of expenditure placed on buying and installing replacement parts will be less. All this will ensure higher cost savings.
  • Overall Durability:As custom cables are built to meet specific application requirements, they will be designed to be long-lasting in terms of operations, and supporting the application.


Contact Flexwires to know more about our custom wire and cable harness manufacturing services. We work with our clients to create a wire harness solution that will meet everyone’s needs.


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