Flex Wires’s products are UL, CSA, VED certified, and also meet military requirements. Our manufacturer is ISO 9001 quality assurance guaranteed.

Our quality assurance program begins with the incoming inspection and continues throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that all products meet the customers’ specifications and all approval agency requirement.

  • Quality1
    Spark Tester
    Operate rang:
    AC(0~15KV)Accuracy:±1 Volt
  • Quality2
    Aginge Tester
    Operate range:
    Temp.(0~300℃ )Accuracy:±1℃
  • Quality3
    Equipment name:Projection
    Operate range:
  • Quality4
    Physical Tester
    Operate rang:
  • Quality5
    High-Voltaga Tester
    Operate range:

  • Quality6
    DC Tester
    Operate rang:
  • Quality7
    Resistance Tester
    Operate rang:
  • Quality8
    Low Temperature Impact tester.
    Operate range:
    (100~1500g)Hammers:100/200/300/400 /500/600/750/1250/1500g
  • Quality9
    Operate range:

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