Insulation Sleeving and Non heat-shrinkable tubing

Providing Complete Protection to Electrical Parts

Flex Wires offers insulation sleeving and tubing that are designed to meet the needs of internal components of different types of electrical appliances. They are designed to provide complete insulation for components that comprise either partial or no insulation.

Insulation Sleeving and Tubing Features and Specifications

We provide insulation sleeving and non heat-shrinkable tubing that can provide protection to components in different electrical application environments. Our products are offered in a range of specifications.

  • Temperature Range: -40oC to 200oC
  • Insulation Material: PTFE and PVC
  • Certifications: RoHS, UL, and CSA
  • Flame Resistance: VW-1 or FT-1
  • Mechanical Properties: The sleeving and tubing provides benefits of high tensile strength, and elongation ability. With the exception of FT-PTFE, all sleeving and tubing products have a longitudinal shrinking ratio of < ±10 %. They display excellent resistance to copper, fluids, and fire.
  • Electrical Properties: The sleeving and tubing products comprise high dielectric strength and volume resistivity.


Industrial Applications of Insulation Sleeves and Tubing

Flex Wires’ insulation sleeving and non heat-shrinkable tubing products can be used to protect following types of electrical components:

  • Busbars
  • Conductors
  • Component leads
  • Terminal lugs or assemblies

Insulation sleeving and non heat-shrinkable tubing from Flex Wires are guaranteed to provide complete protection to electrical parts. They add to the safe and reliable performance of electrical appliances and equipment.

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