PTFE Insulated Wire

Providing Complete Electrical Protection for Various Industrial Equipment

PTFE insulated wires are inimitable wiring solutions for applications that comprise corrosive environments and elevated temperatures. The term PTFE is derived from the main insulation material Polytetrafluoroethylene. PTFE coatings protect copper wire strands from external contaminants, and also ensures the optimum performance of the wire.


PTFE Insulated Wires Features and Specifications

At Flex Wires, our aim is to provide high temperature wires that can meet eclectic application requirements. We have designed our wires in a range of specifications.

  • Temperature Range: From 105oC to 250oC
  • Rated Voltage Range: Between 300 V and 600 V
  • Spark Voltage Range: Between 3000 V and 6000 V
  • Flame Resistance Ratings: VW-1 or FT1
  • Conductor Material: Tinned, Silvered, Nickel, or Bare Copper
  • Certifications: ASTM B3/33 and RoHS
  • Mechanical Properties: The wires are unaffected when exposed to humidity. PTFE wires are not subject to creeping. PTFE does not deform over time due to stress and other factors. It is extremely resistant to chemicals and UV radiation. The PTFE coating provides a smooth, thin covering that is chemically inert, and is capable of withstanding many application conditions.
  • Electrical Properties: It exhibits extremely low dissipation. It provides high dielectric strength, and is impervious to thermal aging. It maintains a low dielectric constant even in applications containing varied levels of humidity, temperature, and frequency.


Industrial Applications

PTFE insulated wires can provides a variety of benefits to various industrial applications.

  • Medical: Endoscopy equipment, medical implants, MRI, and ultrasound equipment.
  • Aerospace: Air frame wiring, flight testing cables, and aircraft engines amongst others.
  • Automotive: Power steering, air conditioning, battery hook-up, and navigation systems.
  • Oil and Gas: Down hole drilling, offshore platform electrical systems

PTFE insulated wires provide complete protection, while adding to the performance of components and systems used in various industries.

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