PVDF Insulated Wire

For General & Specialized Wiring Applications

When exposed to the harshest industrial environments, Flex Wires’ PVDF insulated wires offer superior performance. Also, they possess excellent chemical and high temperature resistance, low permeability, and high mechanical strength. Moreover, they resist fire, abrasion, and are known for their low-smoke emissions. These are the factors that make them a popular choice for demanding industrial and commercial applications.

Specification Details

Be it a small or large order, we ensure the product is delivered to the customer on time. Our proficient engineers are supported by high speed production processes to help us deliver products as per our customers’ expectations. Whatever your requirement may, we can provide PVDF wires that provide dependable service for years.

PVDF insulated electronic wires are offered in a range of specifications such as:

  • Conductor Material – Tinned or Bare Copper
  • Rated Temperature – 105 ℃
  • Flammability – VW-1
  • Dielectric Strength – A.C.2 KV/Min
  • Colors – Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray, Brown

Serving Customers from Several Market Sectors

PVDF wires are exclusively used in the pulp and paper, semiconductor, manufacturing, and chemical processing industries. Manufactured to high level of quality in conforming to RoHs standards, these electronic hook up wires are designed exclusively for internal wiring of:

  • Computers
  • LCD monitors
  • GPA navigators
  • Cameras
  • Transit vehicle interior electronics
  • Power supply products

Committed to Environmental Protection by Developing Lead Free Wires

Do you need resilient and high performing PVDF insulated wires for your project? If yes, then consider choosing the electronic wire from Flex Wires. They are lead and halogen free electronic wires that can be used to provide safe and reliable signal and power transmission.

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