PVC Insulated Wire

Withstand Elevated Temperatures and Adverse Environmental Conditions
When choosing PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) insulated wires, one must pay close attention to the quality and reliability of the product. This is important, as using poor quality PVC insulated wires may lead to equipment/system failures, whilst putting several lives at risks. When you partner with Flex Wires, you need not worry about the quality. Since our inception, we have been striving to provide our customers with reliable products that are engineered to the highest quality standards.

A Range of Specifications to Meet Customers’ Demands

Being known as the one-stop-shop for cost-effective and superior quality electronic wires, we keep our inventory ready with PVC wires in a range of specifications:

  • Rated Temperature – 105℃
  • Rated Voltage – 600 V
  • Conductor – Bare/Tinned Annealed Copper
  • Insulation – Heat and moisture resistant PVC


Unfailing and Safe Performance Guaranteed!

There are several features that make our PVC insulated wires a premium choice for demanding wiring applications across several industries. These electronic hook up wires exhibit excellent electrical and mechanical properties and they resist harsh chemicals and oils. Also, in case of combustion, they emit less toxic fumes, smokes and gases. As they exhibit all these features, these wires are largely procured for internal wiring of several products. This includes machine tools, domestic appliances, control circuits and several other industrial, commercial and domestic systems.

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